No one said running your business would be easy, but is it supposed to feel this hard???

You’ve got the talent, drive and heart and I know you have what it takes to rock your creative business (!!) and yet you’re stuck in an endless cycle of enthusiasm -> overwork -> overwhelm -> burnout. Or, you keep getting stuck in the social media scroll of doom and comparing yourself to everyone else in your industry (and obviously you do NOT stack up!). Or, you wait for things to be perfect before taking the next step and then… wait a minute… things are never perfect so it feels like things are never getting done!

You’ve tried:

  • all the productivity hacks to get rid of the procrastination (pomodoro FTW) but you still don’t feel like you have enough time because everything takes AGES to do!

  • buying alllll the business courses, but not even starting half of them!

  • powering yourself WAY outside your comfort zone

… but none of that helps in the long run.

Hi, I'm Cayce

I help women like you build their self-confidence so that they can stop getting in their own way and start growing the business of their dreams.


Why me? Because I know what it feels like to let self-doubt run your business.

I started my letterpress business over 10 years ago, and I could write a book about all the ways my self-doubt has kept that business small:

  • endless notebooks filled with ideas that never materialized because I wasn’t “good enough”

  • hours wasted "perfecting" client e-mails

  • the newsletters that never got sent  (“Why would they want to hear what I have to say?”)

  • procrastination

  • the endless scrolling

  • not putting new products out because of the fear of other people judging my work


Sound familiar??

Finally, I had had enough, but not of the self-doubt; I majorly fell out of love with my business and decided to change gears and train as a life coach. I learned about limiting beliefs and NLP and EFT and goal setting and manifestation and after 6 months I finished my training (received the certificate and everything!) and guess what?!?

I still didn't feel I was good enough to achieve my goals.

Wait, what?? Where is this story going?

That's when I signed up for the Self-Belief Coaching Academy with master coach, Sas Petherick, who has made studying self-doubt her life’s work. 

There, I learned the key to unlocking my own self-confidence:

 Self-doubt has nothing to do with capability or destiny.  

And exhale... 

I wasn't broken because I had self-doubt (and you aren't either!!)


Self-doubt is a completely normal and necessary part of the human psyche which has a very important role -- to keep us safe, bundled up tightly inside our comfort zone so that we don’t have to experience the pain of failure, judgement, rejection, even success.


And the best way to make progress with self-doubt is not to power through it, not to try to get rid of the symptoms (the perfectionism, the procrastination, the people-pleasing) but to build a relationship with the protective part of ourselves that holds onto the self-doubt so that we can gently move forward towards our goals


So, now I want to help you.


Help you to listen to that part of you that is scared, give it comfort and then decide how you want to proceed. Help you to grow the resources that are already inside of you, the self-belief, self-trust, self-worth and self-acceptance. Help you to trust that you already know enough, already ARE enough. You don't have to let your self-doubt be in control of your actions any more. 

This is brave work.


Are you ready to be more brave, in your life and your business?


Fun Facts

- I’ve lived in the UK for 12 years and am originally from Florida. If I had £1 for every time that a Brit has looked at me strangely and asked why I ever left, I wouldn’t have to run this business!

- I was once a Nun (for a week, when I was in the musical, Sister Act)

- I think that any dinner can be improved with the addition of some Kale (mmm, crunchy and green)


- My favourite expression, and one that strikes terror in my husband, is “So, I’ve been thinking...”

- You'll regularly find me bringing home the saddest, deadest looking plant from the Garden Centre. I just can't help trying to bring them back to their full glory. And I’m even successful some of the time!

Oh, yeah, and about that letterpress business, it's still going strong – I decided I wasn't quite done with it yet.