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You have goals and an action-plan all set up, but you struggle to be consistent with it. You wish you had someone around who could check in with you and help you stay on track.

let me be that
Biz Bestie
in Your
Back Pocket

You've got it all planned out, today you are going to cross that next thing off your to-do list. Except you don't actually do it -- there's a million household jobs you need to do, or you look online for inspiration and fall down the FB hole for an hour, or you look at somebody else's work and convince yourself that yours will never be that good, so why bother? 


Don't worry, nothing has gone wrong! Your brain is just doing everything in its' power to keep you safe from those pesky things like failure, judgement, rejection and even success.

That doesn't mean that it's pointless to try, it just might mean that you need a little extra support to make it happen.

Let me be that support. Let me be there to check-in with you, celebrate your wins and help you to understand why you might be resisting taking action. I can offer tools and help you problem-solve so that you feel better equipped to continue on your creativity journey. 

This package includes: 

  • A questionnaire before we start so that I understand your goals and action-plans

  • 4 x weekly check-ins for accountability and support. These will be 1 hour each week (at a pre-scheduled time) over Voxer, a voice and text-messaging app

Total price $75 of £60


1. What is Voxer? Voxer is a free text and voice messaging app. Just install it on your phone or log-in on a computer, connect with me and we message back and forth without having to exchange contact information. 

2. What if I want more than 4 weeks of accountability? Once we have finished our sessions you will have the option to add more at the same price. 

3. What if I don't need accountability but I'm interested in coaching? Amazing! Take a look at my Work with Me page or use the Contact Page to send me a message. 

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