Confidence Kick-Start

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Self- doubt is a tricky beast. How it shows up for each of us is completely personal to us... To our history, to our stories, to our goals and sensitivities. 


There are a million and one articles on the internet that proclaim to tell you how to hack your way out of your procrastination, how to set new habits, how to quiet your inner critic.


And sure, they might work for awhile, but eventually the self-doubt voice is too loud, your old patterns too engrained, and you find yourself right back where you started. 


That's because you haven't addressed the root causes of your self-doubt, you've just plastered over the cracks. 


But I want to help you to break out of that cycle.  


Through coaching, I'll help you to understand your flavour of self-doubt, how and why it's showing up for you, how you can begin to make peace with that part of you, and how you can start to take action towards your goals with understanding and compassion for yourself.